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Detailed analysis and documentation of organisations and projects is a vital element in making decisions on change projects and business planning.  A comprehensive view of business processes will enable robust business continuity plans to be formulated and reveal where inefficiencies can be addressed.

Key Benefits

bulletMore efficient business processes
bulletEffective business continuity planning
bulletSuccessful project implementation


Process Mapping
A comprehensive analysis of processes and their relationships with each other is fundamental to implementing change.  Talhea Solutions can document processes in detail and determine the 
Functional Specification
A project cannot be expected to succeed if there is no agreement on what it is to achieve.  Talhea Solutions can provide a service to specify the requirements of the customer and match them to the capabilities that can be achieved and the resources that will be required..
Total Cost of Ownership
Talhea Solutions has developed a number of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) models.  The principle of analysis of the cost of an asset throughout its life can then be applied to reduce cost and improve the Return on Investment, providing financial advantage and making the proof of a business case viable.


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